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  • Learn to Surf at Ala Moana with a Professional Waterman or Waterwoman in Oahu, Hawaii

    “We use Ala Moana as the location for surf lessons ‘cuz it’s the best spot.”

    Beginner Surf Lesson at Ala Moana Bowls

    Aloha, I will show you the art of surfing as my Hawaiian ancestors did 100 years ago. Surfing is my lifestyle and passion! I have taught thousands of clients from all over the world, what a great way to share “aloha” daily. At the crack of dawn; I awake to start a great Hawaiian day. Load up my surf boards and off to more surf lessons.

    We meet at one of Oahu’s best surf spots in Hawaii has to offer at Ala Moana. We suit up and wax our surfboards and head down to the shoreline. I will give you a 20 minute beach lesson on standing, riding and water safety. I have some of the best surfboards to get you up and riding, and to progress to becoming a better surfer. You will be in the water and surf for 1.5 hours. You will be surfing! When Kimo takes you to the line up, you get respect. Locals know Kimo and they know he is teaching newbie’s. They also know that when Kimo yells paddle, they might as well give up that wave because his students are “going”… So when you go out with Kimo, you feel nothing but Aloha!!!!

    Advanced Surf Lesson at Ala Moana Bowls (Pue’ena Point in Winter)

    Aloha, I will show you how to become a better surfer. I even have OLD SCHOOL BOARDS. First you need to learn how and where to paddle out in the channel away from surfers riding down the line. As we sit in the line-up, I will show you how to read incoming set waves and let you know which one to pick and catch. We can work on your paddling technique, your timing as far as when to take off, and the angle you take off at. You will learn to take off at the top of the wave and drive your surf board down to the bottom of the wave and then back up to the lip. Now you are moving down the line! Then back down on your surf board and paddle out in the channel so that the rip help take you back out to the line-up.

    In and advanced lesson you will learn how to use the ocean to your advantage in the correct way. If “hanging ten “with your toes on the nose of  your surfboard is your deepest desire, then i will help you learn how. How about “drop knee”- is this your fancy? It’s the classic old-school way to turn your surf board,and Kimo can show you how. Any and all of the techniques you want to learn in surfing I can teach you. The art of surfing can be all you want it to be. Bottom line? Surf good, surf happy, and make yourself proud. Happy surfing ahead!