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  • Private Surfing Lessons in Honolulu, Hawaii, with a Professional Waterman or Waterwoman

    “Surfs up.  As a first time surfer from the minute I contacted and met Kimo he was a professional.  He responded quickly on a text and the next day we had an appointment . He showed up on time with all the right equipment. Surf boards, wets suits, booties, waters and a camera crew.  I felt super safe the minute I entered the water. He was by my side the whole time. He also helped me paddle out every time to wait for a wave. I had one of the most best experiences. I can’t wait to go back to show him what I learned. Thank you !!!” — Lisa Sykora, Chicago, IL

    ALOHA, Kimo’s Private Surf Lessons, Stand Up Paddling, and Private Tours of Oahuin Honolulu, Hawaii is the place to be if and only if:

    1. you are cool
    2. you like exclusivity
    3. you love a good time
    4. you want one-to-one attention
    5. you are ready to brag about becoming a” SURFER” this trip

    Getting in touch with the local surf scene and culture in Oahu, Hawaii can be an enriching experience. Kimo Chung, the Hawaii Surf Guru provides all the insight and local information that you need in addition to just surf lessons in Oahu, Hawaii.

    Surf Lessons in Hawaii

    Kimo says, “For many of us; surfing has become a way of life. When the surf is good, many of us become more humble and relaxed with ourselves and  others. Surfing is a healthy way to be in mind, body and spirit. As our ancestors did hundreds of years ago, surfing and paddling are a large part of our living culture as we strive to become ‘PONO’ which is doing the right things in our daily life.”  Excerpt from article in  www.smartmeetings.com.

    The secret to successful surf lessons is knowing where the surf breaks and where to paddle in. Kimo’s private surf lessons help you figure out how to use the ocean’s natural flows to save your energy and get the best out of your surf lessons. Regardless of if you choose to go with private surf lessons or semi-private group you can enjoy yourself a lot more if you go with the flow. And Kimo knows all the flows.

    Kimo and his professional water crew offers private surf lessons, stand up paddle surf lessons, and adventures tours that are personal and memorable. Just ask for what you want; Be it surf lesson in Oahu Hawaii or any other experience, we can make it happen. Customize your island surf/tour to include the activities you love, or try something way out of your comfort zone- it’s up to you………….. “WE GO”.