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  • Yoga for Surfers – What Brah, Can Stand on ur Head?

    You don’t have to be a surfer, of course, to reap the benefits of a yoga practice, but surfers surf better when they do yoga. I took up yoga after one more running injury caused me to hang up my running shoes and turn to yoga and surfing for physical and spiritual healing.


    Having taken yoga classes all over  Hawaii and in various cities on the mainland, I know who the best instructors are and can schedule you for private or group sessions. If you are interested in pilates or other types of bodywork this can also be arranged. Whether you are into ashtanga (most challenging), or prefer vinyasa flow or hatha (slower, longer holds of each pose), let me assure that you will have the experience you are seeking, with the right yogini.

    Our Yoga-for-Surfers sequence is based on an understanding of surfing’s physical demands, and learning where flexibility and strength must combine for a fluid and flexible surf style. Stretching the low back, strengthening the arms and core, and increasing flexibility throughout the body all improve surfing performance while helping to avoid injury.

    Whether you choose a Hawaii surf guru package that includes daily yoga, or want to schedule classes as needed, we can help you.


    Yoga for surfers sequence one to one training- 45 minutes  $60

    Yoga class (your choice of any type of yoga)- 1 to 1-1/2 hours, $60,

    pick-up and drop off $15 additional


    Package of 5 yoga classes, choose any 5- $275, pick-up/drop off each day $75 ($350 total)


    Email Kris at krisnutritionist@gmail.com

    Phone 808 389-0770