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  • Intermediate & Advanced Private Surf Lesson in Oahu, Hawaii

    Advanced surf lesson in Oahu, private surf lesson Advanced Surf Lesson

    Aloha ,

    Do you want to be a better surfer?

    There are three basic elements to becoming a better & safer surfer:

    1)   The quality, quantity, size and direction of the wave- brought to you by Mother Nature through GOD! Some of the better spots will offer a greater surf experience . . . I will introduce you to the best spots and help you recognize the best conditions.

    Intermediate surf lesson in Oahu with Hawaii Surf Guru Intermediate Surfing

    2)    The type of surf equipment that you ride: Is what you have the right size for your height and weight proportionately? Is your fin set up the right one for your surf needs? Most surfboards come with fins that are best for guys who weigh around 200 lbs, which is too much fin for most people surfing today. Fins are your steering wheel for your surf board. I have many smaller sizes to match your height /weight and the way you like to ride waves.

    3)    Your skill level:

    Intermediate surf lesson in Waikiki, contact Hawaii Surf Guru for private and semi private lessons. Intermediate Surf Lesson

    Beginner ~ yes you still need help to catch waves and need help in paddling. You need help with selecting waves and safety training is very important for your well being.
    *TIP: When going from a Beginner to an Intermediate and selecting your first real surf board make sure that it’s not too small for you just cuz it looks cool…you will struggle and develop bad surf habits.

    Intermediate ~ you need help in knowing where to catch the wave, when to catch it, and how to line yourself up with the break. Timing is critical when paddling for the wave. Do you know when to go? Two of the most important things in surfing are safety and surf etiquette – a must in becoming a more advanced surfer. This is my area of expertise, let me help you advance to where you want to be.

    intermediate surf lesson on ala moana; contact the Hawaii Surf Guru to improve your surfing Intermediate Surfing

    Advanced ~ you know how to catch waves and now you want to learn how to do tricks on your long board, such as  taking off at an angle, walking or cross stepping to the nose, riding top to bottom, down the line, taking off left and turning right or taking off right and turning left at the top of the wave, riding on top the lip (doing floaters). You may like going from long boarding, to fun boarding, to short boarding- all very different styles of surfing. Riding different kinds of boards helps you tremendously when you get to the advanced level. Learn how to surf bigger waves, as well as how to be safe in bigger surf. Learning what kind of gear you need also goes a long way in helping you feel comfortable under any conditions.

    To learn any of these important steps and become a better surfer no matter what level you are now……………….WE GO !