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  • Private Lessons Standup Paddle & Paddle Surf Lessons at Ala Moana in Oahu Hawaii

    Hawaiian Standup Paddle & Paddle Surf is the latest, greatest Hawaiian water sport; the popularity of standup paddle surfing has exploded over the past 7 years.

    The Hawaiians in the olden days would use a standup paddle board to travel from village to village as a means to transport their food and supplies to share. Today we are stand up paddling to explore new waterways, travel across oceans and rivers, and surf in waves of all sizes. It is a great cardiovascular workout, which each one of us needs on a daily basis to be healthy. More importantly, in addition to using all of your muscles  from head to toe, you are outdoors in nature.

    You will experience peace of mind  and awaken your spirit to the great outdoors…. We believe as Hawaiian that the ocean is the cleanser to your soul; we live this way to be in harmony with nature. In today’s modern world “STRESS” in the number one cause of Health problems… so being outdoors exercising with nature is the most ideal way to be one with the Hawaiian style of living.

    Top 5 Reasons Why you Should try Stand Up Paddle Lessons in Oahu, Hawaii

    1. Any age or fitness level can enjoy basic Stand Up Paddle private lessons
    2. You will enjoy the great outdoors in Oahu Hawaii and relieve stress- “no phone calls”
    3. You will get your daily workout
    4. You will clear your mind with moving meditation
    5. You will learn a wonderful means of exploring any type of water area

    Try Stand Up Paddle private lessons in Oahu Hawaii with Kimo & crew today.

    5 More Reasons to Try Stand Up Paddle Surf Lessons

    1. You can see and catch the wave first before surfers
    2. You can move down the line faster than surfers cuz of your paddle
    3. You can ride waves like surfers
    4. You can be cool like a surfer
    5. You can carry a”BIG Stick”

    1) Beginner Stand Up Paddle private lessons @ Ala Moana Beach Park Magic Island (1.5 miles) ……………@$100.00 for 1.5 hour of basic instruction

    2) Intermediate Stand Up Paddle private lessons @ Hawaii Kai Boat harbor to Wai’alae beach park (4 miles)…….@ $150.00 For 1.5 to 2.5 hours of downwind paddling and 4 surf spots (additional $100.) that u can surf at on the way down- awesome!

    3) Intermediate Stand Up Paddle Surf private lessons @Ala Moana Rockpiles or In-Betweens. Learn to paddle surf @$150. for 1.5 hours

    4) Intermediate Stand Up Paddle Lesson @ Waialua Freshwater River Paddle North Shore (1.5 miles) ………@$150. for 1.5 hours of Hawaii’s historic past- share the water with Hawaiian green sea turtles and Hawaiian ducks. If there are some small waves at Pu’u’ena Point we can head over to get a few of them, very fun. $100 additional for transportation to and from Waikiki.
    Stand up Paddle Surf with Kimo & his Crew today………………….WE GO!