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    Nutrition for Surfers

    As a dietitian for the past twenty years, I know firsthand that we truly are what we eat. Beyond a healthy baseline of whole, nutritious food and drinks; on top of that we need to to set a nutrition goal and achieve it while assessing how the changes we’ve made affect our body and surf performance.

    Do you need to lose 5 or 10 pounds to make it easier to pop up?

    Do you want to increase your energy to play longer in the surf?

    Do you need to increase your strength and endurance to stay out longer?

    Determining your goal is one of the primary keys to success. We can all improve our diets, but it’s focusing in on and then achieving your nutrition goals, one-by-one, that will allow you to rock it in the water, rather than stagnating at your present level.

    You are an individual- Kris will analyze your current intake and learn about your likes and dislikes, cravings, food shopping and eating patterns to develop an eating program that fits YOU and your lifestyle. Some of these habitual behaviors may need an overhaul, but first we must identify what’s going on.

    If you are here for a vacation, and don’t want the result to be 10 more pounds on the plane back home, check in via mobile device with Kris as you plan your meals for suggestions on where to go and what to order. Healthy snacks are essential- she can help you with choices no matter where you are.

    OR have it all taken care of for you- Kris can provide your meals (generally breakfast and lunch, but dinner is also an option) so you are ready to go with healthy plates as well as snacks and drinks that keep you going from morning yoga to surf session, from a healthy delicious lunch to snorkeling and a sunset surf or hike session to end the day. For dinner, let us guide you to the best restaurants, and further, to the best dishes to showcase fresh Island produce and fish, and save room for a fabulous dessert ;-); since you haven’t overeaten all day, you are free to have a small indulgence!

    Whether you are a local surfer who needs help finding that competitive edge, or losing some extra weight, or a visitor looking to optimize health and enjoyment while exploring all that Oahu has to offer, Kris can fine-tune your diet to achieve your goals.

    Local clients:

    Initial 1-1/2 hour session- $150       Follow-up sessions 45 minutes $75

    Package of 5 counseling sessions- includes initial session ($375- a $75 savings)


    1 week of mobile guidance: $350

    1 week of food delivery (bkfst and lunch), plus mobile assistance: $680

    Custom packages available- call 808 389-0770 or krisnutritionist@gmail.com

    Vacation package- 1 week of advising, maps to best spots, on-the-fly mobile menu advice (send the menu or photo of your plate via your mobile device) –