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    Kids custom surf boards for intermediate & high school surfers

    Aloha ,

    As we enter in to the High School program for surfing kids custom surf boards will be the ultimate incentive. Many of our youth today will be wanting to surf more and become better young adults in the surfing world .

    The world of surfing today can produce a very lucrative future for some individuals who have what it takes to become world champ. Today’s men and women champions are at the young age of 19 year old, and from Hawaii. They are traveling the world in sreach of waves that pay them what any professional athlete should make in today’s market place.

    Now that surfing has become one of the fastest growing water sports, with Hawaii in the forefront, our kids have an opportunity to get out into the market place and WIN a world champsionship.So we have put together a package that would get your youngster out in the water to learn the skills of surfing from professional water man or women, that will keep them safe and moving forward in the world of surfing.

    Their will be as many females in surf within the next 5 years in what used to be a male-dominated sport. This is also a very good way to keep your kids focused and out of trouble. It will help built their confidence, individuality, and courage- great qualities for a young adult to have. So let us know how we can help you get started today with a kids custom surf boards and 5 private lessons to get them started in the right way………………………WE GO!

    Kids surf package include: 5 private one to one surf lessons and kids custom surf boards made by Hawaii Surf Guru design to get your son or daughter a head start at surfin g the right way…….prices start at $950. 5 private lessons @$375. & kids custom surf boards @$575.