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    Aloha ,

    The Art of Stand Up Paddle & Stand Up Paddle Surf is fast becoming the hottest water sport in the world today.It started just about 7 years ago, when some of the older professional shaper and crurent watermam got together and came up with boards that are called stand up paddle boards of  today. The Hawaiian from long ago, would have  stand up paddle boards, that was made of  20’wooden planks, the very first stand up paddle boards, to transport food and supplies form village to village.Today the paddle board is used for recreational  water sport like short & long distance racing, and surfing waves of all sizes …… …In the beginning the frist stand up paddle boards very made very big in size for most normal person, it was to long , to wide ,and much to  thick, this is good for first timers or beginers. But as you get better at Stand up paddling ,most time the frist board you buy is much to big for you and may cause you to get injured  as you enter into big surf or ruff water conditions . A custom made Stand Up Paddle boards can be design to your height weight and level that you are at and where you want to get too. Most paddle boards in todays market place are made of a epoxy which is very durable and floatable this is good for people who just want to go for paddles around town with the “Ohana “family, great to take the kids out on. Now if you are looking for a custom paddle board then we can make one for you that will be made to your size and level that you are at and in the future where you can be at.