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    There are 3 main elements in the art of surfing 1) is the size and quality of the wave you are riding 2) is your level of skill in surfing: beginner, intermediate, or advance 3) is the type of surf board that you will be riding down the line. In today’s world of board making there are many types, shapes, sizes and designs to choose from. First, there are Fiberglass boards which is the most common type of board  starting in the early 50’s and 60’s to present  day. Second is Wooden boards which started in the 20’s with John Kelly & Eric Cook, redwood planks to present day. Then in the late 1990’s the Clarks foam company after 20 years in making foam blanks was closed down for environmental reason from the EPA which then started the development of the epoxy surf board industry to present day.

    The fiber glass board in the most common of the three types. It rides very nice an has a good feel of the wave as you ride it. Now with many custom shapes available to you, we can create any thing your hearts desires. The way most boards are made in today’s market place is a computerized program that helps shape and cut out the foam blank to its raw shape, then hand finish with all the bell and whistles added to it. Now you got a one of a kind shaped blank. Next you would apply the fiber glass itself, which comes in three grades of ounces that you may choice from 4 oz., 6 oz., or 8 oz. vulcan fiber glass. Now before we lay down the fiberglass of your choice, you can add any type of artwork, designs, airbrush, or colors that suits your fancy.

    So now that the blank shape and art/ color is in your custom boards the finish of resins will cover your one of a kind creation. The resins finish comes in two different types, sanded which is for ultra lite finish usually for short or kids boards to catch AIR. Then there is polish finish which is for classic type long boards which adds strength and shine to your custom board. Also resin comes in two choices: Polyurethane or Epoxy. Polyurethane is the most commonly used in today’s market place but more board builders are turning to Epoxy resin for it durability.