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  • Kris Wallerius

    Nutrition, Yoga & Meditation for Surfers- Call 808 389-0770

    Nutrition for Surfers – Nutrition Honolulu 

    Kris has a Master’s degree in nutrition, and is a registered dietitian and past president of the Hawai’i Dietetic Association. As an avid surfer, she has personal experience in how to eat for maximum performance and endurance. Personal coaching and comprehensive diet analysis can help you to feel and look your best for the long-term. Kris can set up a plan for your vacation along with guidance on where to eat and what to eat. If you wish, food can be delivered to you daily.

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    Yoga for Surfers – Yoga Honolulu 

    To stay injury free as a surfer, yoga is invaluable. Stretching and strenghtening the muscles that are most used in surfing will improve your performance AND help you to avoid muscle tears and other injuries. Kris can lead you through a basic personal instruction, or accompany you to classes offered by the best yogini’s on Oahu. Whether you are new to yoga, intermediate, or advanced, let Kris show you how to incorporate the beauty, balance and peace of yoga into your lifestyle.

    Meditation for Surfers – Meditation Honolulu

    Surfing is all about focus; so is life. If we can gain clarity and learn to turn off the endless chatter of our ‘monkey mind’, we achieve amazing results in whatever we are focused on. Personal meditation instruction is available- guided or silent. Kris will sit with you and lead you as you develop your own practice. If you prefer, she can join you in visiting leading meditation centers on Oahu to further develop your mindfulness. If you are one of the many people who thinks “I can’t meditate”, let Kris show you otherwise- you’ll be grateful that you did!

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    Weekly packages including daily healthy food and nutrition instruction, yoga, and meditation instruction and practice, and surfing with the Hawaii Surf Guru crew are available.

    For info on rates for specific plans Email Krisnutritionist@gmail.com or call 808 389-0770