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    Before you read about Kimo, we want to show case Kris’s 10 year old nephew Michael’s handy work with a camera. Way to go, grasshopper:

    Kimo’s been surfing since before it was fashionable. He’s also been teaching Surf Lessons in Oahu for longer than he cares to admit. He knows how to make you GO……………..

    Kimo started surfing at the young age of 7. He took an old Hobie longboard, that he work for cleaning his neighbor’s yard all summer long ,then stripped it down, reshaped it into a short board, and saved his allowance for months to glass it. He made his first leash using a clothesline from his mother’s yard, surgical rubber around his ankle and drilled hole in the skeg, securing the leash to his surfboard. He surfed throughout his teens in Waikiki and on the North Shore at Alligator Rock where his family owned a beach home.

    Hawaii surf Guru bombing Kahala



    After high school, he moved to Maui ,short boarded  until I became a team rider for turbo boogie boards. As long-boards became popular, he hung his boogie board up in the garage and began a new life of long-boarding. Kimo has worked at all of the top Maui surf schools,   Maui Waveriders Catch the wave | After Hours | Gotta Do It | Canadian Business Online  check it out http://www.canadianbusiness.com/article/13214–catch-the-wave In 2000, he started his own surf school in Lahaina which he ran for 8 years. For 6 years he participated in Hawaii’s Surf Camps for Autistic Children. He returned to Oahu to care for his mother and to continue to share his love of surfing in his childhood surfing playground,where he mastered the new up and coming watersport of Stand Up Paddling and Stand Up Surf Paddling and offers SUP lessons in addition to surfing lessons.

    Kimo’s philosophy is that surfing can change what you value and the way you look at the challenges in your life. Every person gets a different lesson or message about life from their surfing adventure. Whether it is health, well being, confidence, connecting with your inner child , or the will to move forward you will not only experience the joy of standing up on a wave but also lessons for becoming a happier person in your personal life.

    “What’s Up” Ho’okipa Paia, Maui,Hawaii

    Surfing is Kimo’s passion, “it makes me feel like I am back in high school”.  It’s his honor to teach the Art of Surfing that is the gift of his Hawaiian heritage. Surfing is the gift of Aloha to the World from Hawaii……………………………..WE GO !